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Rock Mendes

A Film by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

- Producer -

An old schoolmaster is attacked by his old students on his way to church. He feels as if God abandoned him. Satan comes to him in a dream then appears to him. He reveals that his father was not the sexton, but a fiend. Charles Tourneur soon becomes the son of the devil and sows terror among the young.

Product guide
43 min
Betacam Dg 16/9-16mm

Film Crew
Screenwriter : J-J Rousseau & Cimon De Syraine
Director : Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Fabien Ruyssen-Kevin Va Nuffel
Sound : David Henrard
Editor : Thomas Baudour
Music : Frédérique Rousseau
Jean-Claude Botte-Ronald Leclercq
Giani Mancini,Emmanuel Van Landeghem

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