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A Film by Caroline D'hondt

- Producer -

"Correspondances" is a quest, a journey that is based on the meetings between men and women, in the depths of the subways of two cities : Mexico D.F. and Brussels. The film concentrates on elderly people, on their place in society, their dreams, their worries. For although old age is looked upon as a serious illness that must be combated, that is hidden, or ignored, the fact remains that elderly people have many things to pass on to us : they are our roots, our memory. Gradually blurring the borders, we go from one subway to the other, from one person to another. Despite the distances that separate people, they are the same everywhere. The cycles of life are the same all over the world : we are born, we grow old, then we die. It is the codes that are different.

Product guide
52 min
Betacam Dg 16/9
Original Version : spanish

Film Crew
Director : Caroline D'hondt
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Rémon Fromont
Sound : Paul Heymans
Sound Editor : olivier mortier et paul Heymans
Sound Recording Mixer : Jean-François Gosselin
Editor : Virginie Messian
Music : Marc galo
assistant-réalisateur/ josé Luis Penafuerte

Cobra Films


With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique
Programme Media

Grand prix de la catégorie C - Prix de Slovnaft -
du Festival Ekotopfilm de Bratislava 2005


Festival (s)
Festival d'Espagne et d'Amérique latine de Bruxelles (Belgique), Cinérails à Lille (France), Festival du film de femmes de Créteil (France), Festival Documenta à Madrid (Espagne), Festival de film de femmes de Barcelone (Espagne) et de Turin (Italie), Objectifs Doc de Paris (France), Festival d'Anonimul IFF (Roumanie), Festival Songes d'une nuit DV à Paris, Prix Europa programme Library de Berlin (Allemagne), Festival de Pampelune (Espagne), MEDIMED 2005 (Espagne)