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De eindeloze Karavaan

A Film by Ariane Mertens

- Coproducer -

Every summer, more than one million moroccan economic migrants who live and work in western Europe set off to visit their homeland. The Endless caravan is a documentary road-movie which follows two second-generation moroccans from the West as they undertake this intensive trip with their families. Along the road, the joys and sorrows of their personal journeys lead us into the issues at the heart of their existence. Underneath the surface of our traveling protagonists lingers a deep-roted indentity crisis which confronts them every day of their lives. Both born and raised in Belgium, they face this struggle in different ways. For them, the annual trip is both a metaphor and a catalyst for a double-life with one foot in the west and another in Morocco.

Product guide
55 min
Betacam Dg 16/9

Film Crew
Director : Ariane Mertens
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Dominique henry
Sound : Thierry Thirtiaux
Sound Recording Mixer : Louis Vyncke
Editor : An Franckx
Music : Annemie Hendriks

Cobra Films & El Rayo Films( Madrid

VRT ( Canvas ), RTBF, NMO ( Pays-Bas)
2M ( maroc)

With The Support
VAF - plan MEDEA

Canvas (VRT2), RTBF2, TVE(espagne) ,
NMO ( P.B.) 2M ( maroc)

Festival (s)
The 13th annual African Diaspora Film Festival New York