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Un Petit Tipota

Un petit Tipota

A Film by Julie Sandor

- Producer -

At the end of autumn, watered by the first rains following long months of drought, the Middle-Eastern flora of Cyprus suddenly awakens. The ochre palette of summer gives way to a festival of green, the vegetation bursts forth and transforms the landscape.
Who does one meet on this multi-coloured, effervescent island?
The forgotten craftsmen in the old town of Nicosia, its capital. A glimpse of a world that is coming to an end.
The immigrant workers spurred on by their desire to leave misery behind them.
Those who fight the injustice of the underworld.
Music, which sings of the beauty of the Cypriot soul and the vices that drive it to despair.
At the crossroads of continents, a refuge, a place of passage, an oasis of calm, a military base, the cradle of Aphrodite, a zone of lawlessness… Herewith an impressionistic portrait of this island of many faces.

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Film Crew
Screenwriter : Julie Sandor
Director : Julie Sandor
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Julie Sandor
Sound : Christos Kiriakoulis
Sound Editor : Dominik Guth
Editor : Julie Sandor
Music : Antonis ANTONIOU

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