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The Russian Avant-Garde, a romance with the revolution

Malévitch 1915

A Film by Alexandre Krivonos

- Coproducer -

"Will it be understood some day how we all perished ?" wrote in his private diary Nicolaï Pounine, the Russian avant-garde ideologist. The Russian revolution engendered not only one of the most dreadful totalitarian governements the world ever experienced, but on the other side one of the greatest discoveries of modern art : the Russian avant-garde. Specialists all over the world acknowiedge that Russian culture has engraved two remarkable pages in world art history, icons and avant-garde. Malevitch, Tatline, and Filinou were devoted to the Revolution and the young Soviet state, but they've been perfidiously betrayed.

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54 min
Betacam Dg 4/3
Original Version : English & French

Film Crew
Director : Alexandre Krivonos
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Sergey Dubrowsky
Sound : Alexey Karpov
Editor : Irina Kiselyova, Marina Kucherova
Music : Gennady Banshikov

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Cobra Films
Quadrat Films ( Russie)

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NRK ( Norvège) -SVT ( Suède) - Yle-TVI ( Finlande)

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FIPA D'OR 2000 Biarritz

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