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'56 times more

A Film by Julie Sandor

- Producer -

56 crank turns to travel back in time. 56 times told and digested, the past turns into the present. The hiroy at last recounts feelings, after all that's whats left - feelings - before our histories become swollen with pride and a capital H. 56 times more is a subjective journey into the Hungarian revolution observed through archive records, a dive into the heart of the 1950s of communist Europe : productivism, lies, treason, amnesia, an era which should be remembered by now.

Product guide
Betacam digital
Original Version : Hungarian-French
Subtitled Version : French-English

Film Crew
Screenwriter : Julie Sandor
Director : Julie Sandor
Sound Editor : Dominique Guth
Sound Recording Mixer : Marina Lerchs
Editor : Julie Sandor

Cobra Films & Zeugma Films

RTBF ( Belgium TV)
Images Plus TV( France)

With The Support
Belgian government support
CNC et de la Procirep-Angoa, "Brouillon d'un rêve" de la Scam
with the support of Programme Media

RTBF ( Télévision belge)
Danube TV ( Budapest)