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As time goes by

A Film by Dominique Loreau

- Producer -

This film evokes intertwined lives of three ephemeral plant works by Bob Verschueren, which are installed in different places : in an abandoned coke warehouse, a beach on the North Sea and a covered playground. We follow the process of their creation and then their life within the world that surrounds them, that of nature and man. They both correspond and contrast with these places and reflect a fragile and ephemeral world.

Product guide
47 min
HDcam & Betacam DG
Original Version : without dialogue

Film Crew
Screenwriter : Dominique Loreau
Director : Dominique Loreau
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Etienne de Gramont, Aliocha Van Der Avoort,Antoine Dusquesne
Sound : Damien Defays,Jean-François Levillain, Jean-Jacques Quinet,Ludovic Van Pachterbeke
Editor : Rudi Marten
Sound effects Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans

Cobra Films

Yenta Productions ( France)
Image Plus
Crossroad Digital Media

With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique
Le CNC et la Procirep ( France)
La Scam ( Paris)
With the support of Programme Media


Prix "Brouillon d'un rêve", Honourable mention of the Young Jury - Prix Danube 2007 - 19th International Television Festival - Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Screening: Beaubourg, IFS,Univ de Laval, Northw. Univ. lib Cornell Univ Mus. Für Völkerkunde

Festival (s)
FIFF Namur, Filmer à tout prix Bruxelles, 7ème Festival du Film sur l'art de l'ISELP Bruxelles, Prix Henri Storck hors compétition Bruxelles (Belgique), Festivale dei Popoli Firenze, Milano Doc Festival, Faito doc Festival (Italie), FIFA Montréal (Canada), Objectif doc Paris (France), Les écrans documentaires Arcueil, Le mois du film documentaire (France), Astra Film Fest Sibiu (Romania), Visions du réel ( Nyon)Mediawave Film Festival ( Hongrie)Festival des Arts et Films ( Rep Tchèque) Lussas ( France) Festival Ambiente ( Torino),