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Kint, de l'autre côté

A Film by Olga Baillif

- Producer -

In 1965, a few weeks after the crushing og the popular uprising by the Soviets, my mother left Hungary with her parents to go to Switzerland. My mother never taught us her native tongue and never spoke much about her life before her exile. It is as if the past had silenced itself within her. With this film, I'm attempting to undertake a two pronged journey through the words of my family and through the present day Hungary. I gather the little things that catch my eyes and which resound with memories. What happens when one leaves the place of one's origin ? What survives through this rupture and what changes ?

Product guide
77 Min

Film Crew
Director : Olga Baillif
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Gil Decamp
Sound : Marianne Roussy
Sound Editor : Luc Plantier
Editor : Michèle Hubinon
Music : Simon Aeschimann

Cobra Films -
PCT Cinéma Télévision ( Suisse)

Télévision Suisse Romande -

With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique, une entreprise SRG SSR idée suisse,
CBA, La ville de Genève, Le Fonds Regio (suisse), Le département de
l'Instruction Publique de Genève, WIP, Le pourcent culturel Migros


Mention spéciale du cinéma suisse au 10ème Festival International du Cinéma de Nyon (Visions du réel)

Sorties en salle en Suisse (Cinéma Genève), TSR ( suisse)
Le p'tit ciné ( Belgique)

Festival (s)
Fiff 2004 (Namur), Festival Argos 2004 (Bruxelles), Journées de Soleur (Suisse), Objectifs Doc (Paris) 2005, Festival d'Amiens (France) 2005, MEDIMED 2005 (Espagne)-