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L'Opéra du bout du monde

A Film by Marie-Clémence et César Paes

- Coproducer -

A historical road movie behind the scenes of the opera "Maraina" to discover the history of the first inhabitants of the islands of the Indian Ocean. At Fort-Dauphin, Camp Flacourt, where officers sent by Louis XIV met the Malagasy for the first time, Jean-Luc Trulès, composer from Reunion, will lead the orchestra in front of a crowd who had never seen an opera before. The stories intercross to tell this little-known story with several voices. A musical journey that sails between the XVIIth century and 2012, in a triangle that connects La Réunion, Madagascar and Paris, to understand better the Indian Ocean today.

Product guide
96 min
HDV, DCP & Blu-Ray
Original Version : French, malagasy and creole
Subtitled Version : French/english

Film Crew
Screenwriter : Marie-Clémence & César Paes
Director : Marie-Clémence et César Paes
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : César Paes
Sound : Quentin Becogné, Frédéric Cristea
Sound Editor : Gabriel Mathé
Music : Jean-Luc Truls

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Premiere May 11 2012 as part of "All to the opera!" in Paris, Saint Denis and Saint Paul de la Reunion.
Premiere August 24 2012 at the Cinéma des Familles in Ile de Groix (France).
Theatrical release :Paris
cinema Saint-Michel