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Les filles en orange

A Film by Yaël André

- Producer -

The girls in orange is a naïve and didactic film intended for simple minds. At random, it has : a method for bleaching gold fish, a way of classifying sexes according to colour of clothes, a formula for making soap bubbles, a way of winding thread back on its spool, an observation point on roof tops, maxims for line fishing, attempts at dancing in quintuple time, a theory about up and down, a procedure for communication with palms of hands, a way of singing out of tune, no conclusion on relationships between men and women.

Product guide
31 min
16 mm

Film Crew
Director : Yaël André
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Fredéric Mainson - Samuel Dravet - Franck Olivier - Gilles Lechantre - Tomosso Fiorelli
Sound : Marie Verwacht - Nathalie André- Eugenia Savoini
Sound Recording Mixer : Jean-Jacques Quinet
Editor : Matyas Veress

Cobra Films

With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique


Cinema Nova, Ciné-club Aerschot (Bruxelles), Majorque

Festival (s)
Centre Pompidou Paris, Festival de La Rochelle, Instants vidéos Manosque, Festival Argos Bruxelles, Festival Corto Imola, Festival Paris tout court, Festival Signes de Nuit Paris, Festival Courts sur cour de Falicon, Festival de Douarnenez