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Dal ritorno

A Film by Giovanni Cioni

- Coproducer -

When we met, on a December evening, you asked me to come with you.
You wanted to return ther, to this place you outlived. I'm still there,
you said. Alive, alone in the disbelief of existence. We started the journey.
You had to survive again.

Silviano Lippi was an Italian soldier in Greece in 1943. Held prisoner by
the Germans , deported to Mauthausen, assigned to Sonderkommandos.

Product guide
Original Version : Italian
Subtitled Version : French subtitles

Film Crew
Director : Giovanni Cioni

Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bruxelles
Zeugma Films (Paris)
Citrullo et Zivago Media( Firenze))

Realease at Flagey from 08/10 till 14/11

Festival (s)
Cinéma du Réel 2015- Paris -compétition Internationale
Festival d'Aosta 2015
Biografilm Bologne 2015- compétition
FIFF - Namur 2015