Completed Films

Faraway roots

A Film by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd

- Producer -

I travelled across Mauritania to find a tree that I saw from my window in Belgium. It wasn’t a mythical tree, but rather one that could be anywhere. On my way, I met men and women who shared their perception of this quest and in doing so, in a roundabout way they shared some of their visions of the world and of existence. For some, my tree was the sign from the spirits, of the invisible or a call from light. For others, it was the symbol of a history, a culture or the end of a period in time. For yet others, it was a tree that you see only when you get lost...

Product guide
72 min
Betacam Dg 16/9-Dolby SRD

Film Crew
Director : Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Philippe Guilbert, Philippe Jadot
Sound : Jean-Luc Fichefet
Sound Editor : Jean-luc Fichefet
Editor : Philippe Boucq

Cobra Films

RTBF ( Carré Noir)
Gsara ( Bruxelles)
Wallonie Image Production
Ateliers du Laziri

With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique
CNC-Procirep/Angoa ( Paris)
DGCD ( coopération belge)
Media (CEE)
Province de Namur


Premier prix RECIDAK aux rencontres
cinématographiques de DAKAR 2002

RTBF (Belgique), Forum Cinéma.
Sorties en salle : Dakar, Thiès, Tambacounda,
Cinéma des cinéastes (Paris)

Festival (s)
Festival du film de Sainte Livrade 2003, FESPACO (Burkina Faso), Vues d’Afrique (Canada), Munich (Allemagne), Gentilly (France), Festival documentaires sur grand écran de Paris (France), Etats généraux du film documentaire 2006 de Lussas (France), Rencontres cinéma du réel ( Paris) 2007 Manosque (France)