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A Film by Caroline D'hondt

- Producer -

Alfredo Vilchis, one of the latest Mexican ex-voto painter: There are ex-votos of faith. The ones when people come with tears in their eyes, of joy or pain. And they ask you to express something they tell you.
The artistic ex-voto is when people don't ask you, but when you walk in the streets and you see an accident, or when you see or read a newspaper. You see that and you say : it touches me, and this miracle inspires me to express it and make an ex-voto of feeling, inspiration. That has the same purpose.

Product guide
54 min
Betacam Dg 16/9
Subtitled Version : French/ English

Film Crew
Director : Caroline D'hondt
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Rémon Fromont
Sound : Paul Heymans
Sound Editor : Olivier mortier
Sound Recording Mixer : Paul Heymans
Editor : Virginie Messian

Cobra Films

CBA ( Brussels)
Triangle 7 (Brussels)

With The Support
Belgium French governement support

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Mercelis Brussels
screening Scam

Festival (s)
-20th anniversary Arizona International Film Festival (USA) 04/11
-Festival Millenium (B) 06/11 - Mention Spéciale pour la catégorie du Meilleur Message des Droits de l'Homme offert par l'OHCHR
-Festival internacional de cine documental d' Atlantidoc (Uruguay)
-Checkpoint Festival (Bruxelles) 05/11
-Festival des Films sur l'Art (Iselp-Bruxelles)