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When I will be a dictator

A Film by Yaël André

- Coproducer -

Is there only one universe? Do we only have one life? And when we die, is it forever? Is there something beyond the infinite ? Is there any link between our short lives and this Universe?
This project tries to provide answers to these old human questions, elaborating a kind of personal and burlesque cosmology, based on the latest astrophysics discoveries. The originality of this movie will be to write these universal questions on intimate and family footage, in an enthusiastic way, by melting together amateur films and my own super 8 footage.

Product guide
90 min
HD- DCP-HDcam 4/3
Original Version : French
Subtitled Version : English-German

Film Crew
Screenwriter : Yaël André
Director : Yaël André
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Didier Guillain
Sound Editor : Sabrina Calmels
Sound Recording Mixer : Manu de Boissieu
Editor : Luc Plantier
Music : Hughes Maréchal
Voice over Laurence Vielle

Morituri and Cobra Films

RTBF (télévision belge)
Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bruxelles
Arte GEIE (La Lucarne)

With The Support
French Government support

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Sortie salles en Belgique :
• Avant-première au cinéma Churchill à Liège le 15 mai 14;
• Sortie du film au cinéma Galeries – – 1000 Bruxelles

Festival (s)
* Rotterdam (IFFR 2014) * Cinéma du Réel (Paris 2014, en compétition internationale) * 16th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival * Festival Bande(s) à part (Bobigny) * Kino im Sprengel (Hanovre 2014) * Indie Lisboa 2014 en compétition internationale * Sci-Fi London 2014 * Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Dones de Barcelona 2014 * Association "À Bientôt J'espère", Grenoble (14) * DokuFest Prizren, Kosovo (août 14, en compétition internationale) * Festival Nouveau Cinéma Nouveau Média de Montréal (oct. 14) * Exile Room, Athènes (oct 14) * WMWF Taiwan (Women Make Waves Film Festival Taipeh 2014) * Comptoir du doc de Rennes (nov 14) * Le lieu unique, Nantes (nov 14) * Mardis du doc à Nancy (nov 14) * Vidéos les beaux jours à Strasbourg (nov 14) * Festival Traces de vie à Vic-le-Comte (nov 14) * 20th Festival on Wheels Ankara (Turquie, nov 14) * 38th Göteborg International Film Festival (janv 15) * à Reims (mars 15)…