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(Napumoceno's will

A Film by Francisco Manso

- Coproducer -

Based on a novel by Cape verdean native/author Germano Almeida (considered one of the best contemporary writers in the Portuguese world), Testamento is an absolute treat for the eyes. Shot in the tiny Cape Verdean city of Mindelo, off the coast of West Africa, the film unfolds against breathtaking mountains, desert terrain, endless beaches, and extraordinary light, color and contrast. The story centers around Mr. Napumoceno, the wealthiest businessman in Cape Verde. His death in 1984 touched everybody in the city of Mindelo-especially his nephew Carlos, who anticipated inheriting his uncle's business and estate. Unfortunately for Carlos, his uncle's life was full of secrets that were only revealed in his will and through the tapes he left for his illegitimate daughter, Graca, the surprise heiress to his fortune.

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110 min

Film Crew
Screenwriter : Mario Prata
Director : Francisco Manso
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Edgar Moura
Sound : Carlos Alberto Lopes
Editor : Luis Sobral

Francisco Manso Produção de Cinema e TV (Portugal)

Cobra films
ADR Productions (France)
Cineluz Produções Cinematograficas (Brésil)
J.L. Vasconcelos (Portugal)
Télévision Radiotelevisão Portuguesa

With The Support
Instituto Caboversiano de Cinema (Cap Vert)
Avec le soutien du Gouvernement Portugais
Avec le soutien de la Commission européenne - Plan MEDIA
Avec le soutien d'Eurimages
Avec l'aide de la Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian
Avec l'aide de l'Institut de coopération portugaise

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Prix du meilleur film, meilleur acteur, meilleur scénario au 25eme Festival de Gramado (Brésil), Meilleur film et meilleur acteur au Festival de Assunption (Paraguay), Meilleur film au festival de Seia (Portugal), Prix du public pour le meilleur film au 1er rendez-vous du cinéma Luso-Brasileiro, vila da Feira (Portugal)

J.L. Vasconcelos et Francisco Manso Produção (Portugal)