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Standing Eagle

A Film by Frederik Depickere & Pablo Castilla

- Producer -

Standing Eagle is the chronicle of a life told by the protagonist himself. By means of an amazing monologue, the viewer is invited to dive into the impossible universe of a twenty-first century Don Quixot. An idealist who, after 30 years of devotion to an unattainable project is now close to achieving his dream of a utopia beyond the line that divides reality from fiction, the feasible from the absurd and the delusion of the imagination.
After Chronicles # 1: Wojteck Kotowicz and The Chronicles of the desert, Chronicles # 3: Laurence Burton is the third part of this documentary series of portraits. Tales of autobiographies brought up with the desire to reconcile the life experience of the "other" and his own experience.

Product guide
85 min
Betacam Dg 16/9
Subtitled Version : french/Dutch/Spanish

Film Crew
Director : Frederik Depickere, Pablo Castilla
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Pablo Castillas
Sound : Louis Storme
Editor : Inneke Van Waeyenberghe

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