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The time out and the return to Bohemia

A Film by Eva Houdova

- Producer -

1985, ice skaters are skating in a sports centre in Brussels and smiling towards the camera. They are called Lida, Jiri, Martin, Eva, Jan and Lucy. They all have one thing in common : they have left their fatherland Czechoslovakia, in 1968, in the confusion which fallowed the invasion of the country by the Soviet troops. Fifteen years later, Eva Houdova the film director, takes up her camera again to film "the Time out and the Return to Bohemia". She goes back to the Czech Republic, where she takes with her her emigrant companions as filmed in 1985. The return to their own country is the subject of the film which raises a double question : where do those who left the country draw their strength from to live in exile and how do those who decided to stay live under the oppression of a totalitarian regime ? And as they return to their country, they wish to see themselves again as "being Czech". However, their return is like time out from their life in exile. After that, History will again take its course...

Product guide
60 min
16 mm et Betacam DG

Film Crew
Director : Eva Houdova
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Rimvydas Leipus
Sound : Cosmas Antoniadis et Jan Storek
Editor : Ariane Mellet
Music : Léo Merie

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Belgium government support


RTBF (Belgium)
Czech TV

Festival (s)
Festival du Cinéma du Réel in Paris