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Little by little the Orient

A Film by Jacques Debs

- Coproducer -

The country of Jacques Debs, lebanon, has been at war for the past twenty-five years. The peoples of the Near East have been tearing each other apart for nearly a century. Haunted by hatred, the director looked for another East, one which is not talked about, muffled, intimate ; one which simmers in the kitchens and loses itself in a labyrinth of identities... A man and five women reveal to us the relation between the East and cooking and hospitality. Cooking may be a source of alienation, a hindrance to freedom, but also a source of enjoyment, happiness and the pleasure of giving. This film is a journey in four Near East countries at war : Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Palestine. A pilgrimage to discover lost happiness...

Product guide
60 min
Betacam Digital 19/9

Film Crew
Director : Jacques Debs
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : M.A. Batigne
Sound : Jean-Louis Garnier
Editor : Christine Benoit

ADR productions et Cobra Films
RTBF - La Sept/Arte

With The Support
CNC (Paris)


ARTE (France), RTBF (Belgique). En salle : Arenberg-galeries

Festival (s)
Festival méditerranéen, Rencontres cinéma de Gindou