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Night to Light is a tribute to the power of Mozart's final unfinished work of art, Requiem Mass. Inspired by the music, the man, the spirituality of the work - and the mystery surrounding its composition, Greek conductor Stavros Xarhakos had a vision. A spectacular performance of the original composition proven to be written by the composer himself within the last month of his life, enhanced by the awesome setting of Meteora. A natural wonder composed of more than a thousand fossile rocks rising 300 meters and crowned with tiny monasteries. A forest of heavenly rocks, a divine landscape which touches the soul with its austere majesty. A mystical experience, Night to Light expresses the dimension of feelings and sensations associated with Mozart's words, "the night of death and the light that exists after the dead" A performance which begins in a Greek amphitheatre opposite Meteora on a summer night under a full moon and ends with the first rays of dawn, Night to light reflects the universality of Mozart's Requiem. Promise for the future, free from any form of ideology. Night to Light is truly a legacy of hope.

Productie fiche
90 min
35 mm et Haute définition

Regie : João Correa
Beeld D.O.P. : Takis Zervoulakis
Klank : Orchestre Stavros Xarhokos
Muziek : Requiem de Mozart

Cobra Films- AndromedaII

ET1 ( télévision Grèce)- Le centre du cinéma Grec
INA ( France) - Tetras Lyre ( France)

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