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Grey curled sparrows

the hairdresser

A Film by Daniel De Valck

- Producer -

This is a film about the conversations that waft around us like smoke in a café. About ineffectual words that nobody heeds, uttered by an holder generation who represent a large portion of the population in our cities today. This film takes a look at a generation just starting to emerge : a generation of dynamic and concerned retirees. In their confiding tones- between two errands in Brussels streets, in the smart tea-rooms of the beaux quartiers,or in the eateries of the city's less affluent neighbourhoods - we hear them sum up or enlarge upon the day's events with all savour of the good Belgian cooking.

Product guide
58 min
Subtitled Version : English

Film Crew
Director : Daniel De Valck
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Frédéric Decoux et Jean-Marc vervoort
Sound : Cosmas Antoniadis et Marc Engels
Sound Recording Mixer : Roland Boon
Editor : Yves Van Herstraeten
Music : hans Elewaut

Cobra Films,
RTBF ( TV belge)
ARTE- " la vie en face"

Centre de l'Audiovisuel à Bruxelles

With The Support
belgian filmfunds support

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RTBF, ARTE, La Cinq, TV5.
Release : Nova à Bruxelles,
Maison de l'Image Strasbourg-Mulhouse
release in Quebec and Rimouski ( Canada)
november 2005

Festival (s)
Festival international du film social de Charleroi, FIFF de Namur,
Semaine du cinéma belge francophone, Festival Objectif doc de Paris, Festival d'Alger
Prix Europa à Berlin 1998