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A Film by Aya Tanaka

- Producer -

Yasuo, a politically engaged Japanese teacher, has never stopped his fight, symbolized by the unions slogan "Let us never send our children to war", and the rejecting of the two national emblems : the flag and the anthem. By the end of the sixties, after having participated in students movements against the japonese alliance with the USA, he was obliged by the autorithies to leave Harimano, his native village in the mountains of Shizuoka. His ideology, in Japan considered as radical, has even more divided Yasuo from his origins and from Harimano, a place where medieval feudalism and a devotion to the imperial authority characterizes the life of the people. Physically and culturally uprooted, Yasua now perceives difficulties to face the return to his origins. He seems to be a sad man, getting old and succumbing to alcoholism. Yasuo's daughter, who emmigrated to Europe, is looking for her cultural anchors, too. She proposes him a journey, backwards from Tokyo to Harimano, in order to retrace the thread of his own history and maybe find the fundaments of his conviction.

Product guide
56 min
Betacam Dg 16/9

Film Crew
Director : Aya Tanaka
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Valentine Paulus
Sound : Aya Tanaka
Sound Recording Mixer : Manu de Boissieu
Editor : Mich´┐Żle Hubinon
Music : Duke Quarcoo

Cobra Films & Zeugma Films

CBA, Triangle7, VOI-Senart ( TV France)

With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique
CNC, Procirep
Bourse de l'AAAPA- Programme Media


Le scénario a obtenu le prix des Ateliers audiovisuels de la Communauté Française en 2001 (bourse AAAPA)

Bibliothèques Publiques d'Information (BPI - France),
TV EBS (Corée du Sud)

Festival (s)
Filmer à tout prix 2004 (Belgique), Cinéma du Réel 2005 (France), ReSisTaNcEs (France), Festiva (Séoul), Yamagata (Japon), Festival Escales documentaires de La Rochelle (France), Festival International du film documentaire de Copenhagen (Danemark), Festival d'Attac, en compétition au prix Henri Storck, Visions du réel section "All about me ?" de Nyon (Suisse) 2006, Sardinia international Ethnographic Film Festival 2006, Festival des cinémas et cultures d'Asie de Lyon (France) 2006