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To the sea

A Film by Annik Leroy

- Producer -

"To the sea" follows the River Danube from its source in Germany to its estuary in Romania. The film is shot in black-and-white, thus moving the landscape and people to a discrete distance from which, through the paradox of fleeting observation, it brings them closer. Through the way she structures her images and observations, Annik Leroy is also taking stock of the 20th Century. So many polical movements have shaped and disfigured the face of Europe during this time. With a glint of melancholy passion, a Viennese café owner remembers the plaintive atmosphere of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Scenes shot in Vienna's Karl-Marx-Hof tell of the Febuary battles of the early Thirties. Annik Leroy, uses a long shot to recall the holocaust and the Mauthausen concentration camp. "To the sea" is a documentary which evokes contradictory emotions and sensations. The borders between the countries the Danube crosses on its way to the sea are like thresholds from one form of life to another. On the border between Austria and Hungary it reports about the fear socialist ideology instilled into the minds and bodies of the local population.

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87 min

Film Crew
Director : Annik Leroy
Cinematographer - D.O.P. : Annik Leroy
Sound : Marie Vermeiren
Sound Recording Mixer : Roland Boon
Editor : Eva Houdova

Cobra Films

RTBF ( télévision belge)
Centre bruxellois de l'Audiovisuel

With The Support
Communauté française de Belgique


Prix des écrans documentaires de Gentilly 1999, Prix du meilleur documentaire au An Arbor Festival Mention spéciale au Festival �Filmer à tout prix�, prix Scam du documentaire audiovisuel 2001

RTBF (Belgium), H.O.S. (Holland). Screening : Freunde
der Deutschen Kinemathek, Fine Art Cinema-
Cinema in Ann Harbour ( USA)
Documentaire sur Grand Ecran 2011 ( France)

Festival (s)
Forum de Berlin, Festival de Dunkerke, FIFF de Namur, Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal, Rencontres cinématographiques Le Fresnoy, Festival de Bruxelles, Festival du film de femmes à Créteil, Mostra Internationale de films de Dones Barcelone, Festival Media 21 Hanover, Telluride International Film Festival Colorado, Ajijik Festival International de Cine Jalisco (Mexique).- Objectif doc de Paris 2005